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posted by [personal profile] freya46 at 02:05pm on 23/08/2012
  A good friend died yesterday.  Master Henry MacQueen is no longer with us.
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posted by [personal profile] freya46 at 01:31am on 01/08/2012
 Why will you not crosspost to my LJ?  You used to do it.  it was great.  But no more, to my sorrow.  Why don't you like me?  I've ticked all the proper boxes.  Honest. :-(
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posted by [personal profile] freya46 at 05:45pm on 31/07/2012
This has been a productive day.

Woke up, had my shower. Put the ground beef on to brown. Removed it, browned the garlic onions and mushrooms and added the beef and taco seasonings (low salt). Let it cook for a while. Now it's in the fridge for dinner tonight. Also boiled up all 6 ears of corn I got at the Market yesterday. Had two for brunch. :-) Separated the package of pastrami I got a Mayrands and I now have about 9 packages ready for the freezer. :-) Also did three days worth of dishes. Spoke to some chosen family.

I was going to go out at about 6pm until I checked the weather. heat and High Humidity warning..again. I am fighting to keep the A/C below 80. I don't want to shut the bedroom door because I won't be able to breathe in the rest of the apt. if I do. :-(
So...if it rains early enough and everything eases up, I may still head out. But

I'm thinking that perhaps the energy is from the lowering of the Lyrica. Of course, my pain levels are starting to increase as well. It's been a week since I cut back to the one pill. I've got another 2 weeks before I stop the other pill as well. My Neuro want's to try me on Celebrex instead of the Lyrica. I may just try dealing with the pain.

One of my *kids* made a copy of a picture of me from many years ago and has dubbed it Flat Freya and has set up a fb page called Flat Freya Goes A-Viking. She is taking pictures of me at Pennsic. *grin* It is fabulous and makes me giggle each time she adds something. *grin*

In the meantime, a storm is moving in right now so...I may get to go to the corner afterall. :-)
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posted by [personal profile] freya46 at 11:41pm on 26/07/2012
 I am always amazed by the fact that people so much more talented and brighter than I consider me worthwhile to have around. *grin* 
Thank you, all. :-)
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posted by [personal profile] freya46 at 07:23pm on 04/07/2012
I was expecting UPS between the 16th and the 25th.  Guess what is now sitting on my bookshelf charging..... Go on... guess. *grin*

Thank you, Son. :-) 
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posted by [personal profile] freya46 at 03:30pm on 30/06/2012
I am one very lucky lady. My boy, Brian Bertrand called me about an hour ago and we were talking about this and that and got over to me borrowing a book from one of the men working in the bldg, Danny. He's an awesome young man.

Anyhow, I borrowed Baghavad-Gita, As It Is, from him and I was worried because it is a prized possession. Anyhoo, Brian suggested Skype and we switched and..he found an on-line talking version for me... in English.  :-) So I can give Danny back his book. :-)

And then i was saying that I was saving up for stuff, one of which is a new e-book reader. So.... my birthday present is on it's way from Amazon... a Kindle. :-) And he's synched it with his so.....

I am a very fortunate lady to have such wonderful kids and friends and chosen family. :-)

My day is suddenly a whole lot better. :-)
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posted by [personal profile] freya46 at 12:50pm on 30/06/2012
That's pretty much how I'm feeling today..and yesterday and the day before.  I think it's directly related to the fact that there are major events happening this weekend and for the rest of the summer and I can't go.  To any of them.  Not even to GNEW. :-(  I am not happy.  But there's nothing I can do to change it so I'm now working on accepting the reality and getting on with my day.  I've not been out for a couple of days, but the weather and my sudden nightshade eating binge are to blame.  And honestly, since I can't control the weather (yet) I guess I've got to blame me. *grin*

I had a wonderful time last weekend in Ealdormere at Summer Siege.  Took myself a new protege...check out my fb page for a picture of us. :-)
they are an amazing group.  Can't wait for their next event. :-)

I've pretty much stopped my Thursday nags because my life is so damned boring that I was having to work really hard to come up with stuff to keep it interesting.  Perhaps once a month will be feasible.  We'll see.

I guess I just have to keep looking for interesting things in my day to day.
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posted by [personal profile] freya46 at 04:09pm on 07/06/2012

Just got a call from David P.  Nabilone has been released and I shall have it either tomorrow or Saturday eve. :-)  See?  That's why I wasn't going to start actively worrying until I had to. :-)
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posted by [personal profile] freya46 at 12:55am on 06/06/2012

I posted about this on fb but figured I'd do it here as well.

First the good news.... no rent increase this year.  He did this two years ago as well.  With any luck, it will become a tradition. *grin*

Now the bad ....I called the pharmacy to renew my pain meds for the month as I started my last bottle today.  It last 5 days. The govt. is no longer covering my of this week.  That's $2300/mo., of which they will now pay only 700$/mo.  I live on approx. 1500/mo.  My rent is almost half of that.  So...not so much.

Now.. there is a generic form coming out, officially, on the 11th.  That's in 6 days.  you do the math.  David Pharmacist tried to get me a bottle through his sales rep, but, no luck.  He thinks the generic might be available sooner, way to be sure.  he will do whatever he can to help me out.  David P. is awesome.

Now, there "are" a few good things here...

1.  I have a one month *oh shit* supply thanks to one of my *kids*. Many blessings on her head.
2.  I CAN miss one dose without a problem.  I think I can miss a second.  After that, all bets are off.

I left a message at the Neuro's office this afternoon.

I am going to believe that the generic will be covered and that I will only have to dip into my emergency supply for a couple of doses.  Feel free to believe along with me. :-)

And with the possiblility of some humour... if the govt. doesn't subsidize the generic then I shall plant myself outside their offices and ... scream.  I figure that since I'll already be screaming from the pain and inability to do a proper withdrawal, I might as well put it to good use.  The students will have NOTHING on me. *grin*

I won't start worrying yet.  Check back in about 4 days.

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posted by [personal profile] freya46 at 04:56pm on 28/04/2012
I had the joy of my DIL last night.  She was in from TO on business and came over after she was done yesterday afternoon.  We had a lovely time, went around the corner for delicious Chinese food (I has leftovers for dinner).

After dinner we watched Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  We were both fairly bored with it and had I been alone, I might not have finished it.  The overall impression is.... meh.  Very disappointed.  But we did have a good time.  It's been ages since I've had any time alone with her.  It was wonderful.

She left this morning and if I'm very lucky, I may get to see her before she leaves for home. 

Slept well.  Still avoiding putting the laundry away.  I know. I know.  But... I have to lift it and empty it out onto the bed.  Yesterday my stove was replaced and I am displeased.  It's 8" narrower and at least that much shorter. :-(  Also, the oven door doesn't completely close on one side and one of the rims on the front large burner is damaged and is as sharp as a razor.  That needs to be replaced and not by me.

Other than that ... it's much better than the old one. :-)
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